Restoring Smiles in Teens and Young Adults

Regardless of whether the tooth or teeth are lost due to injury, decay, or some kind of developmental abnormality, most dentists and periodontists will advise against replacing a younger teenager’s missing tooth with a dental implant.

Although implants have an extremely high success rate and are now considered the preferred tooth replacement solution for adults, it’s too risky to perform the procedure on younger teenagers since there’s no dependable biologic marker to establish when they have finished growing.

Healthy Smiles Are Our Top Priority

Many Adults Have Missing Teeth
The majority of adults in the United States have lost at least one tooth by the time they reach middle age. Statistics show that by the time these adults reach their 70s, they have lost all of their teeth. Implant dentistry procedures can be very effective for restoring missing teeth and can improve your oral health. If you have gum disease or missing teeth in Birmingham, AL, seek treatment as soon as possible with Dr. Leigh Kent.

Dangers of Dental Bridges and Partials
Dental bridges and partials are often recommended for replacing missing teeth but are not without their complications. Some of the disadvantages of these tooth replacement procedures include:

  • Jaw bone loss
  • Increased risk of dental complications
  • Can trigger tooth sensitivity
  • May become uncomfortable and loose
  • Makes it difficult to eat and speak clearly
  • Can increase the risk of tooth loss

Adult Tooth Replacement in Birmingham, AL
If you have lost teeth because of periodontal disease or other oral health issues, consider the benefits of implant dentistry procedures to restore your smile. Many adults end up losing at least one tooth by the time they reach middle age. If you do not get this tooth replaced, you may end up losing bone in the jaw or experience other oral health issues.

The Domino Effect
A single missing tooth can cause a domino effect and have an impact on other teeth. Your teeth are designed to work together, so even a single missing tooth can cause misalignment, shifting of other teeth, and trigger further tooth loss. Some of the negative effects of missing teeth include:

  • Impaired mastication
    You may need to limit your diet to certain foods because you cannot chew properly.
  • Bone loss
    The bone can collapse and cause changes in your facial structure.
  • Bite breakdown
    Too much strain on certain areas of the mouth can cause a vertical collapse.
  • Deformity
    Having one or missing teeth can make the cheeks sink and affect your smile.

Implant dentistry procedures can effectively replace missing teeth in adults and restore your oral health. Schedule your consultation in Birmingham, AL with Dr. Kent today!