Treating Gum Recession

Gum recession is one of the signs of gum disease and other oral health issues. If you are noticing your gums are wearing away, you must seek treatment as soon as possible. Loose teeth or receding gums may be a sign that you have an active infection in the mouth. Some of the key reasons to treat gum recession in Birmingham, AL include:

  • Restore a healthy smile
  • Reduce tissue inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of loose or shifting teeth
  • Prevent development of sensitive teeth
  • Lower the risk of root decay or damage

Importance of Treating Receding Gums in Birmingham, AL

Inflamed gums, loose teeth, and bad breath are some of the signs of gum disease. You must seek treatment for gum recession as soon as you notice the gums are starting to wear away. Receding gums can cause sensitive teeth and tenderness of the gums. Seeking early treatment can prevent oral health problems such as root surface decay or structural damage, which exacerbate sensitive teeth, and help you maintain that beautiful smile for life.

Importance of Gum Recession Treatment
If you have any symptoms of gum disease, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible. Gum disease is the leading cause of gum recession and must be treated prior to addressing receded gum tissues. Dr. Kent may recommend periodontal treatment followed by gum grafting or PST™ to restore your oral health. The type of treatment you receive will depend on the extent of gum recession you are experiencing and whether you have gum disease.

We can provide you with tips for improving your oral health as well as treatment options to restore damaged gums and maintain healthy tissues after treatment. If you have sensitive teeth or want to learn more about gum recession treatment options, schedule your appointment in Birmingham, AL with Dr. Kent today!