Why Choose LANAP® Laser Treatment?

  • Fast recovery time
  • More comfortable than traditional surgery
  • Can reattach the gum tissue
  • 98 percent of patients stable after five years
  • Supports bone regeneration
  • Fast treatment
  • Little to no gum recession
  • Minimal bleeding and discomfort

Traditional vs. Laser Gum Surgery

If you need gum disease treatment and are wondering what your options are, talk with Dr. Leigh Kent about the benefits of laser gum surgery. Traditional surgery requires cutting away healthy tissue for easy access to the infected pockets. In some cases, a bone graft and membrane materials are needed to reattach the gum tissue to the tooth root. Today’s patient can undergo laser gum disease treatment to prevent trauma to the tissue and preserve the gum line. The laser works to remove only the diseased tissue and harmful bacteria and leaves healthy tissue untouched. This promotes a fast healing time and reduces patient discomfort.

Key Differences Between Traditional Gum Surgery and LANAP® Laser Treatment

  • Pain
    Traditional surgery can be painful and may involve some downtime. Laser gum disease treatment has little to no downtime and is only minimally uncomfortable.
  • Recession
    Traditional gum surgery can lower the gum line by up to 15 millimeters while laser treatment does not cause any gum recession.
  • Healing Time
    The healing and recovery period for laser gum disease treatment is much faster than traditional gum surgery.
  • Long Term Results
    Laser treatment delivers predictable results and promotes healthy bone regeneration.

If you have gum disease and are looking for gum surgery alternatives, talk with Dr. Kent about the benefits of laser gum disease treatment. The LANAP® laser protocol offers several benefits for patients with periodontal disease and could help to restore your oral health. For more information about the latest gum disease treatment options, schedule your consultation in Birmingham, AL with Dr. Kent today!